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Parental Abduction Consulting and Support - A Place to Start


Low cost assistance available worldwide to parents of abducted children.

From their website parentalabduction.net -

1 (805) CHILD 11

Mission Statement:

A Place to Start, consults with parents of parentally abducted children and assists in making choices to help bring your child home while protecting your financial future from fraud.

What we do:

We offer a free initial telephone consultation and affordable assistance for parents of Parentally Abducted Children. 

How we work:

We understand that all families are in different financial positions and try to assist in making the same end result available to everyone, affordably.  We assist by helping left behind parents through the steps needed to reunite with their children .

Assistance available with:

  1. 1.-gaining custody

  2. 2.-locating your child

  3. 3.-legal preparation

  4. 4.-finding legal representation

  5. 5.-and even child recovery when  necessary

When a child is parentally abducted TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE, and it is hard to know where to begin.  Parents dealing with the loss of a child go through a number of unexpected emotions.

-Why would my ex do this?

-Do I need an attorney?

-Should I consider a recovery?

-In international abductions, what is the Hague Convention and how can it help me?

-Where should I start?

If you need help answering any of these questions please feel free to call us for a free telephone consultation.  We are always available. 

We understand your pain


“... authorities can do little to help... Fortunately there are those at “a place to start” that try their best to help others in this terrible situation ... we are thankful to have them at the forefront or this effort.”

“...poignant words ... made my eyes well up.  This movement wouldn’t be where it is without the years of suffering overcome by “A Place to Start” and how they make lemonade out of the lemons some parents have been given. :-( ”

“I first became associated with “A Place to Start” after my own daughter was abducted to Japan ...  They are trusted advisors and have dedicated their lives to helping other parents afflicted by the tragedy of International Parental Abduction.”

“In the past few years I have  had the pleasure of getting to know and working with “A Place to Start”.  They have worked very hard for parents.”

“There is a large problem of Parental Abduction, Neglect, Denial of Visitation and Abuse and little authorities can do to help ... Fortunately there are people like those at “A Place to Start”.  We are all very thankful to have them at the frontline of this fight.”

“When a child is abducted, time is crucial. To have someone ... help you through the process, is valuable, effective and absolutely necessary. “A Place to start” is the first step in reuniting successfully with your abducted child.”

The information on this website concerns a matter of public interest, and is provided for educational and informational purposes only in order to raise public awareness of issues concerning left-behind parents. Unless otherwise indicated, the writers and translators of this website are not lawyers nor professional translators, so be sure to confirm anything important with your own lawyer.

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