Every Child

Has Two Parents


Identification of a natural parent becomes difficult if not impossible upon adoption

Upon adoption, a child is moved to the Family Registry (koseki) of the adopting parent.  The name of the natural parent is not always transferred also.  So the child will not be able to identify his/her natural parent.  This is especially a problem when the custodial parent is trying to cut a young child off from the other parent. It is possible that the child could request the original Family Registry from which he/she moved, but knowing that this is possible and making the request is likely beyond the capabilities of a child until adulthood. Note: We are still investigating the specific changes in koseki that occur in each type of adoption to confirm this information.  It is possible that under some circumstances, the natural parent's name is also moved along with the adopted child.  So this issue could change in the future.

Related issue:  There is no way for a non-Japanese parent to register contact information so that can be notified when a legal decision about their child requires their consent.

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