Every Child

Has Two Parents


"Leave me alone. Alexander will see you when he is 18. " -Misako Ueshima to father of abducted son.


I left for work as normal at 6 am. Everything was fine. My son was awake as always to send me off to work with a hug and kiss and my wife made me a nice lunch to take with me. When I returned home they were gone on Japan Airlines to Japan. I found a letter she left me in the mail box and said that she was not happy and is taking Alexander to Japan.

I immediately phoned the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and they said I had to get a lawyer.  I phoned for 4 days and finally talked to a sergeant and he said the same thing. The 5th day I received a phone call back from the R.C.M.P and said I was misinformed, they sent a police officer over and took a statement from me and then within a couple of days Misako Ueshima had a arrest warrant for the Parental Abduction of Alexander R Wilson. 

I also phoned Japan Airlines and received a letter later on that they were sorry this happened but they did everything by Japanese law when they were in Canada?? My son Alexander had a Canadian passport (which I did not sign for) Alexander's passport said Alexander Ronald Wilson;  Misako had a Japanese passport. Her name was Misako Ueshima, but there were no questions asked going through customs on the different names and passports!   With saying that, it is no wonder so many of our children are taken away from their loving parents and families!

I retained a lawyer, and oddly enough we went to school with each other and we were friends in school too, but we lost touch.  She went to bat for me to get what rights me and my son deserve. She got sole custody and the orders to return Alexander R Wilson back to Canada to his father (me), but of course the Japanese law system did not and will not recognize anything that is not from their own.

At one point, Misako filed for divorce there in Japan and sent the documents to the Japanese consul in Vancouver Canada saying they were pictures of Alexander.  That was a trick to get me to sign for them.  My lawyer sent them all back to the Japanese courts saying that I do not recognize Japanese laws.  This is clearly under Canadian jurisdiction.

I have ISS (International Social Services) involved but it is up to the x wife if she agrees to meeting with them  She did at the beginning when she was trying to serve me with the divorce papers but when all of papers were sent back, what little contact I did have with Alexander stopped completely. The last time I talked to Misako was around 4 months ago at her parents house and all she could say to me was "Leave me alone. Alexander will see you when he is 18."  But I do not want anything to do with Misako, I only want to bring my son up in a proper environment and for him to share my love I have for him and the love he has for me and all of his family here.

Misako wanted to leave me and that is fine over and done with, but I only wish one day soon that she will think of Alexander and see that he really needs his father in his life, as well all his family.

I pray to God that no more parents or children have to go through what our children and parents and family have been through.

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