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Soon after the earthquake and tsunami Richie’s father was able to bring him home!


My son Richard MacBain is now back in Canada. I took him from Japan and escaped with the help of my 17 year old daughter.  I was able to obtain a temp passport for him from a loophole in the Canadian system, No exit stamp required. I was undetected by the Japanese police.

Andrew  - sales@pigeonpatrol.ca

It is truly unfortunate that six months have passed and my ex-wife is not willing to agree to anything. I have been left with no choice but to post my dilemma and family on a website pleading for the publics help.

On March 13, 2009, Richard Nitta MacBain, age 6, was abducted and is presently being held in Japan by one Eriko Nitta.

I the father (Andrew MacBain) have full custody in Canada of Richard Nitta MacBain and my daughter, his sister Sasha Nitta MacBain, age 15. The custody order also states that both children are to reside with me.

Eriko Nitta requested a letter from me, which would permit her to take both children back to Japan to visit their sick grandmother. I granted this request.

On March 21, 2009, the day they were all scheduled to return to Vancouver, Canada, Eriko Nitta took my 15 year old Sasha to the airport in Tokyo and then informed her that she was going back to Canada alone and that she (Eriko) and Richard would be staying in Japan. Sasha was in shock for the eight hour return flight to Canada and stayed dazed for several week after that.

My son, Richard has never known any home but Canada since his birth. He is well established in his school, and after school program, and is well liked by his friends. His sister and two half-brothers, as well as his father and stepmother, live in Vancouver. His paternal grandparents live close by on Vancouver Island. He has a warm supportive family in Vancouver who loves him very much.

Richard speaks no Japanese and only has his mother and maternal grandmother in all of Japan. His grandmother speaks no English and his mother is heavily accented English. 

I have talked to Richard several times since his abduction and through his tears begs to bring him home. I just tell him to hang on knowing if I do just grab him from Japan, this could result in a criminal act in Japanese law. This would not be a smart move for my family or me.

Richard has dual Canadian and Japanese citizenship for both countries.

Richard’s mother, Eriko Nitta obtained a Japanese passport for Richard without the my permission.

Richard was entered into Japan on a Japanese passport and is now considered a Japanese citizen. Japan has also not signed with the Hague Convention, leaving Canadian officials with severe difficulty sending Richard home. The Canadian embassy is unable to help me or arrest my ex-wife.

Eriko’s Mother, Chima Nitta is a retired government official of Akita-Prefecture, well known Japanese painter and teacher of many traits, the family believe that she has used her contacts and power to help her daughter in Japan.

We have been separated for the past 5 years, and I have provided everything for the children before this abduction.

Charges from the RCMP and Interpol have been laid against the mother Eriko Nitta.

My son’s room remains untouched and I sometimes smell his sheets and clothes trying to feel closer to him. I will remain lost and missing that piece of my life puzzle until I get to hold my son again.

The true sadness will start showing if years pass, and I am not able to see my son grow up, him forgetting his sister and me.  A sister not being able to grow up with her brother, all because of an angry ex-wife who is still living in the past.

I have posted a $30,000 bond for the capture and return of Eriko Nitta to face these charges in Canada. 

I am hoping there is someone out there can help bring my Richard home before it is too late.

Andrew MacBain

I will also work towards making a law that forces all existing boarders, airlines and vessels, to ask any parent traveling alone with their child for proof of custody, and approval from the other parent to take the child or children out of Canada. Proof would have to be in the form of a legal government document. I would never want another parent to go through what I am going through now. Please help me be the last person to go through this.


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