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Koseki showing marriage between Noppapas Musikpoom and Koichi Yanagiya

Jyuminhyou for father, Koichi Yanagiya

Birth Certificate in English (Thai)

Message from Son

September 5, 2005

Dear Dad Koichi Yanagiya,

This is a letter from your son, Takashi Yanagiya. I am now 13 years old. I am studying at grade 9 at Bangkapi School, a community school in Bangkok.

I have seen you in pictures with me and mom when I was a baby. I have known about you and your goodness from my mom. She has kept talking with me about you. I have never seen your true person. I want to see you, to meet you and to talk with you even I can not speak Japanese or English. But as father and son, I think that we can communicate.

Dad Koichi Yanagiya, where are you now? How have you been doing? We hope you are doing well. We, my mom and I, are not happy. We need your help. We miss you. We want to hear from you. My mom has tried to call you many times by the number you had given. You did not answer. What was wrong with you? If you have changed telephone numbers and address, please let us know. We want to talk to you.

Because I don’t how to reach you, I therefore try to contact you by Children Rights Network (CRN) as kindly advised by Uncle Worasit who helps me writing this letter. I don’t have e-mail address. Please contact me through him. Hope that the CRN will help me find my father.


Takashi Yanagiya


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