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When I arrived home Keiko had moved, taking with her our daughters....


I met Yamada Keiko with her daughter Yukiko in 1983 when she was divorced from her husband Nakata Keisuke of Mukawa in Hokkaido tel 0145-422174 who owns the Emu coffe shop 0145-23924. Keiko was working at Kotoba-No-Kyoshitsu near Obihiro with children who had speech problems caused by sexual and other abuse. She asked me to marry her so she could get away from her domineering mother and re-locate to Kyushu where I was an English teacher.

She arrived with her daughter, their clothes and a car in Miyakonojo, Kyushu a few days before we were married there in January 1985. See our Japanese Family Registration (Koseki) (page 1, page 2, page 3) for details.

Keiko did not work and I had to pay to support her daughter, Yukiko. Her father Keisuke did not contribute because he had no access to her. The first two years were colored by the jealousy of Yukiko preventing us from having a meaningful married relationship.

After the birth of Alexandra Ikumi (1987) and Alisa (1988) Sommer in Miyakonojo (1) i reduced my work hours in order to help with rearing the children at home. I fed them, dressed them, carried them in a special backpack, rode with them on my bicycle, bathed them in the Ofuro, read them stories, and taught them three languages.

'Otochan', as I was affectionately called, bought them many toys and went to picnics, as well as visited their grandparents every year on holidays in summer. They adored their father. When they were big enough we decided in 1999 to re-locate to Australia in order for them to get a better education.

As soon as we arrived in 1990, Keiko became depressed and shied away from making Australian friends (2) and Yukiko refused to go to school for 'racial discrimination' reasons. They made plans behind my back in secret to return to Japan, even though I was the main care provider for our children.

While I was a key speaker at an astronomy conference in another city Keiko went to a solicitor (lawyer) who demanded my home be transferred into her name.

When I arrived home Keiko had moved, taking with her our daughters. I rushed to court to stop her from leaving the country. She had stolen my passport and other personal belongings.

Her solicitor arranged by law for me to have 'access' to the children. I applied for 'custody' via my solicitor soon after and was promptly refused further access. Keiko had been advised by her female solicitor to use false sexual allegations to prevent me from getting custody. She knew all about them from her former work as speech therapist.

Thereafter our children were hindered from having a meaningful relationship with myself. They were subject to sexual interrogations and examinations, each leaving them more perplexed and sad.

I obtained seventeen sworn written statements from friends and individuals who had known us. All 17 denounced her allegations as disgusting and completely false (Statement of Australian witness Madonna Barraclough : text version, handwritten pages:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Sadly her solicitor was able to get her passports back and Keiko was allowed to leave with the children because immigration authorities would not allow them to immigrate, and Keiko was ordered to return to Japan in November 1991.

All my efforts to contact my children were rejected (Letter from International Social Services) and I was threatened with the police on the door of Keiko`s mother`s home in Hokkaido in August 1996 at Kita 2-jo 5-chome Shimisu-shi Kamikawa gun tel 01566-2-2739. Keiko`s brother Kazunori did not give me her address when i visited his Tokyo office at Computer Management Systems tel 03-3552-7548 in Hachobori 1-8-3 Chuo-ku, Tokyo-shi. Talking to a mutual former friend who had seen my children after they arrived in Japan she told me that Keiko alleged domestic violence. There had never been any allegations before. I was told that to be accepted back into Japanese society as a two-time divorcee Keiko had to invent serious lies to paint me black. I was afraid our daughters may be further brainwashed and damaged by those lies.

I applied to the Kushiro Family Court for access to my children (Kushiro Family Court Application : page 1, page 2, page 3) but they could not find them. I then returned to Germany because Australia let me down and prevented me from being with my children. The loss and abuse of myself and our children by Keiko resulted in my present serious chronic health problems and in all likelihood in Parental Alienation Syndrome of Ikumi and Alisa.

I am grateful for CRN-Japan, CRC-Japan and PAFE for helping my children find their father, (an astronomer who has been included among the "Who-is-Who in the World" as an accomplished scientist).

Horst D. Sommer (Email: radioastronomer AT starseeker.org  OR  planetary AT online.fr )

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