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A Mexican Tale of Abduction to Japan.

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My name is Yooko Tanamachi Hata, I’m American, my parents are Japanese descendants.

When I was 27 years old, I get married with Mr. Kazuhisa Iwamoto, he

is Japanese, (it was my) dream to get married with a Japanese

man. I was scared about people getting married with me because my father was weathly, but that happened, my marriage turned into

ambition, indifference, and at the end I only was used by him. When I

met Mr. Iwamoto I admired his ideology and culture, he owned a small

and poor martial arts business in a market, but that was not important

for me, because I loved him….

When we get married he immediately asked my parents to buy a auto

parts business and he ordered me not to ask anything about the

business, he told me that Japanese men demonstrate the love to the

wife if the husband ill-treated the wife. When I get married, I

treated me as he was my foreman. During my marriage I was ill treated,

I only was worried about the feeding, health, education and happiness

of my children. I had 5 children, one of them American, the others

Mexicans, they are Ikkyu (June 6th 1991, Mexican), Teruhisa (January

1st 1993, American), Taisho (August 26th 1994, Mexican), Kokoro

(November 11th 1997, Mexican), and finally Sachi (June 1st 1999,

Mexican). All my children were registered in the Japanese embassy 3

months after they were born in order to get the Japanese passport.

When Sachi was born I demanded Mr. Iwamoto to leave the house, because of the infidelity on the marriage, I was afraid about how to get the

money for the children expenses, so I let him come back. Around that

time a Japanese teacher of the Liceo Mexicano Japones (the school

where my children were studying) told me that he thought my husband

was a bad person, the he married me for my fathers money,

and he suggested me to rebuild my life, unfortunately I didn’t hear

him, and now I’m living the consequences.

All the time the intentions of my husband was to take all my children to Japan, that’s why all of them studied in the Japanese section of the school (all the classes in japanese), and when my son Ikkyu was about to finish the secondary school, Mr. Iwamoto told me that he was going to take with him all our children to Japan, build a new house, and he asked me to meet them in Japan in 6 months, they left Mexico on April 2006 so I have to be inJapan on December 2006.

Mr. Iwamoto took our children to Japan using the Japanese passport,

both of the parents can use this passport to take the children. Just

after this action I noticed the intention of my husband. On December

2006 I went to Japan hoping to be with my children again, the house

was already built, and when I arrived to Ehime Mr. Iwamoto told me he

wanted to separate from me, to get divorced, and he also wanted

$250,000 USD for children, so he wanted me to give him $1,250,000.00

USD, I didn’t have that amount of money, so I couldn’t pay it. I was

really desperate, so I asked for help to my parents, they went to

Japan in order to talk to him, but this action was useful, he didn’t

hear anything from my parents.

In Mexico I asked for help to different institutions, but I’m still

waiting results. In Japan I hired a lawyer called Takeo Hosokawa, and

through the Matsuyama court we obtained an order that let me visit my

children 7 days per year, but that order wasn’t respected, the

government of Japan let Mr. Iwamoto to pay a fine in order to avoid

the visits.  Mr. Iwamoto doesn't respect anything about the visits to my children,  I'm really worried about the education he is giving to them, an

education without respect and love. I don't want my children to be

grown with the wrong person.

When he left me here in Mexico, he took like $1,500,000.00 USD with

him, and he left me here almost without money.

One year after Mr. Iwamoto left, he demanded a necessary divorce, and

the little money he left here in Mexico was frozen, with that money

I'm paying a pension of $5,000.00 USD every month, I don't feel bad

for  paying this money, the problem is that the money is not used for

my children, someone else is receiving this money. I don't fight

because of the money; the only thing that I want is to have my

children with me again.

Its been 4 years since he took my children away from me, I feel

desperate, I'm really sad and worried about the future of my children,

all this years I've been trying everything to be with them again, I

beg you for help to be with my children again, now I'm sure I can

totally be responsible about taking care of them, I'm sure they'll be

more happy with me.

Finally I want to thank you for taking the time to read the story of

my life, I pray every day, I need my children back with me, I'm really

sad without them. If someone can help me to be with my children again,

I’ll be really grateful. Thank you very  much...

UPDATE - 04/2017

Eleven years have passed since my children were taken away from me. All are now adult-age. Their father made them believe his is a simple farmer and that I myself have not provided any money for them. The truth is he took all the money from the marital property. The court has

been discounting child support ever since they were taken from me, and he falsified my signature on a bank loan. All these receipts are at Family

Court, at the Banking Commission, as well as in certificates. The last time I saw my ex-husband in Mexico, he wanted to get his hands on my

father’s money. That was when I understood everything. My parents and I donated property to my children which, sadly, my ex-husband or his

people kept. He took everything. Expenses for the children were discounted from me. And he will not rest until he has everything and leaves me on the street. I hope to God that, someday, my

children will learn the truth. Finally, my children are not to blame and I will always hope that I can live with together with them


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