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Written by Ronald Mackinnon regarding the latest information on the flawed joint custody agreement implimented by the New Jersey State Family Court System... This slideshow was originally created for Justine to bring with her to Japan.

On August 10, 2007 my daughter was relocated to Japan. Since then, my ex-wife, Erika, has complied with the court ordered visitations for the first five required visits.  As of July 8, 2009, despite the order from the courts, I've been notified via email from my ex-wife that she will not be bringing my daughter back this summer.  My ex-wife Erika has been ordered by the courts to bring my Justine back for visitation three times a year.  March and December she visits for approximately 8 days and in the summer i for approximately 30 days.


My daughter Justine has two half-brothers and a step-brother with whom she is very close. She was able to meet her new baby brother Liam back in December and was  visibly upset.  The bond Justine shares with her four year old brother Luke is incredible.  When Justine lived here in the U.S. they were inseparable.  Luke absolutely adores her and asks about her everyday.  He has been waiting for her to come home this summer and was so looking forward to our family vacation down in Cape May.  They have the best time down there, and without Justine it will not really be a “family” vacation.


My ex-wife waited until two weeks before my daughter was supposed to visit to indicate to me that she lacked the funds to bring Justine here for her visit.  When the N.J. Supreme Court made their decision to allow her to relocate to Japan, it was ordered and documented that it would be her responsibility to pay for the cost to bring my daughter here to visit three times a year based on the fact that I pay her $500 per month in support.  As such, I've been corresponding with her to see if there's any other way Justine can come visit this summer.  I even offered to pay half the cost of Justine's ticket, but my ex-wife Erika insisted she needed more money if she was to bring Justine.   


Although I was hopeful that the visitation would continue as ordered as of July 13th, 2009 Erika confirmed that my Justine will not be coming this summer. When I asked her about the December visit, she failed to give me concrete assurance that Justine will be coming then either.  I fear that her excuses will continue and Justine will be lost to the Japanese and their lack of legal protection??

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