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In the News - The latest information on cases involving abduction to and from Japan.

   Czech man saves son from Japan’s ridiculous “Family Laws

11/03/09 - Los Angeles Examiner - Obama gets a child abduction letter.

10/21/09 - U.S. father's Japanese custody heartache

10/18/09 - Japan needs two years before signing Hague Convention

10/03/09 - Savoie case shines spotlight on Japan's 'disappeared dads'

10/03/09 - Supporters to rally for Christopher Savoie

10/03/09 - Rally for Savoie at D.C. embassy

10/03/09 - Group calls for release of American dad jailed in Japan

10/03/09 - American Father Imprisoned In Japan

10/03/09 - Other Fathers Plan 'Free Savoie' Protests in D.C.

10/02/09 - CNN REPORTS - Father in Japan: 'I didn't do anything wrong'

10/02/09 - Stars and Stripes reports- American’s attempt to take back children in Tokyo renews call for reform

10/01/09 - News Channel 5 - Never before seen video footage taken prior to the attepted recover.

10/01/09 - Japan Times, American arrested in Fukuoka for kidnapping own kids from ex-wife

10/01/09 - CNN Reports, Chris Savoie speaks from Jail

10/01/09 - CNN Reports,  From The Shadows

a documentary about International Parental Abduction to Japan.

10/01/09 - The Tenessean Reports, Japan detains Franklin, TN, father in custody fight for kids

09/30/09 - CNN Reports,  Amy Savoie, whose husband is jailed in Japan over a custody dispute, speaks to CNN's Kiran Chetry

09/30/09 - News Channel 5 Reports, U.S. Calls for Japan to Sign Child Custody Pact

09/30/09 - CUSTODY BATTLE: Kidnapping Charge Leaves RI Father in Japanese Prison Cell - ABC6, Rhode Island

09/30/09 - AP News, / NY Times Father arrested in Japan had asked for court help

09/30/09 - CBS NEWS - The Early Show

09/30/09 - The Today Show with Amy Savoie, Jeremy Morley, and Matt Antel

09/29/09 - UPI NEWS, Dad in jail in Japan in custody battle

09/29/09 - CNN Campbell Brown - September 29, 2009

09/29/09 - Anderson Cooper discusses Japan’s outrageous behavior.

09/29/09 - CNN Japan Claims Chris Savoie is a Naturalized Japanese Citizen



09/23/09 - Parents hope Japan’s new leaders OK abduction treaty TOKYO — With the installation of Japan’s new government last week came fresh hope for a growing movement of American parents


09/22/09 - Dad Questions Judge's Role In Child Abduction Case. here are serious questions about a Williamson County judge's involvement in a child custody case -- a case that ended up with two children being abducted to Japan.

The judge insists he didn't violate any rules.


09/21/09 - Ex-wife Abducts two children, disapears to Japan.  A Middle Tennessee man stands at the center of another heartbreaking, international parental abduction.

In this case, his ex-wife ignored a judge's order and took their two children back to her home in Japan.


09/17/09 - Proxy wedding means Marine's widow, baby unwelcome - Ferschke and his bride had been together in Japan for more than a year, and she was pregnant when he deployed. They married by signing their names on separate continents and did not have a chance to meet again in person after the wedding

09/11/09 - BBC, The One Show discusses Parental Abduction to Japan and specifically Shane Clarke’s recent loss - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00mlx1f

09/10/09 - Japanese-Filipino children long for fathers  Filipino Global Nation- http://globalnation.inquirer.net/news/breakingnews/view/20090910-224545/Japanese-Filipino-children-long-for-fathers (CACHED)

09/08/09 - The Seoul Times - Randy Collins and Child Abduction in Japan

http://theseoultimes.com/ST/?url=/ST/db/read.php?idx=8793  (CACHED)

09/07/09 Child Abduction in Japan: Shane Clarke Case


Shane Clarke is a British national who is being prevented from seeing his children... (CACHED)

09/02/09 - International Community Sits Back as Japan Steals Children - Shane Clarke Seoul Times 09/02/09

more than 20,000 children have been abducted to Japan under its policy of state-sanctioned kidnapping. (CACHED)


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07/2009 - Seattle father fights for 5-year-old son abducted by mother to Japan, CACHED After a grinding 18 months, Hillman was divorced and on vacation with son Sean. For two weeks, he relaxed with the 5-year-old, who was excited to start at the John Stanford International School's Japanese-English immersion program. The biracial boy had friends on both side of the language divide. http://www.seattlepi.com/local/404093_custody23ww.html

06/30/2009 - Gender equality long overdue / U.N. set to rap govt stance on women's rights, marriage law, education -Mihoko Tsukino / Yomiuri Shimbun The U.N. watchdog panel on gender equality is poised to issue recommendations to Japan in which it will address this nation's delay in implementing policies to bring about equality between - cached http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/national/20090730TDY04302.htm

Stars & Stripes - Jereme Morley expores how “Not signing is hurting a lot of Japanese mothers, and that fact is not yet understood in Japan,” he said. “It’s detrimental. It forces the Japanese mother never to leave the country.” http://www.stripes.com/article.asp?section=104&article=64003

Wear TV.com

Will Smith is hopeful the new HR3240 will help him get back 12 Year old daughter Mary, who was abducted to Osaka when she was seven.http://www.weartv.com/newsroom/top_stories/videos/wear_vid_3025.shtml

Lee Jay Walker Blog for Korean Times - Japan ignored child abduction because of racism - The government of Japan continues to allow international child abduction because it is clear that many national governments have asked Japan to change the legal system. However, the government of Japan just ignores the issue or brushes it under the carpet...http://leejaywalker.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/japan-ignores-child-abduction-because-of-racism/

Reps. Chris Smith Unveils Bill to Fight International Child Abduction, HR 3240  - http://chrissmith.house.gov/News/DocumentSingle.aspx?DocumentID=137905

12/05/2008 - Army Times, OMAHA, Neb. — The Nebraska Supreme Court has ruled that the state’s courts have no jurisdiction

07/14/08 - (News) Over 160,000 Japanese children split from one parents every year - http://forums.vr-zone.com/newsroom/300786-news-over-160-000-japanese-children-split-one-parents-every-year.html    (CACHED)

AsiaOne.com - cached

Japan urged to sign accord against parental abductions -

The United States and three other western nations Thursday urged Japan to sign an accord against parental child abductions, saying scores of children are being held in the country.


01/2009 - Patrick Braden Suffers Setback in Negligence Case


12/2008 - Little hope for Japan's forsaken fathers -

December 8, 2008  Denial of child abduction as a crime is hurting those left behind, writes Justin Norrie in Tokyo. (CACHEDhttp://www.smh.com.au/news/world/little-hope-for-japans-forsaken-fathers/2008/12/07/1228584656277.html?page=fullpage#contentSwap1

12/2008 - Patrick Braden Suffers Setback in Negligence Case Against Airline City News Service-


10/2008 Kyodo News - The Black Ship

British father wants Japan to play fair in child custody battles. (CACHEDhttp://theblackship.com/news/lifestyle/focus/507-british-father-wants-japan-custody-fairness.html

9/2008 - Guardian UK

Family: Custody battle in Japan highlights loophole in child abduction cases

7/2008 - Hard work begins once Japan signs child-abduction treaty SOS JAPAN- http://sos-parents-japan.org/2008/07/04/hard-work-begins-once-japan-signs-child-abduction-treaty/

03/2008 -International Parental Child Abduction

Canada-Japan - Canadian Government discusses upcoming hague symposium in Tokyo. - Cached


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