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BREAKING NEWS: Japanese woman assists Philippine mother in abducting her child using the “Japanese Playbook.”


UK Father Andy Laws suffers great loss due to suggestions from Japanese Woman, Yukiko Tsuba when his common law wife, Neslyn Mojica abducts daughter -


      Yukiko Tsuba                        Neslyn Mojica

Message Yukiko on facebook.


Tell her how wrong her actions are.

Her Skype is - Yukiko Tsuba (haloariboo)

Current Location - Den Haag (The Hague Netherlands)



his story - http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/north-east-news/evening-chronicle-news/2011/07/05/dad-s-pain-after-filipino-partner-fled-with-girl-72703-28996057/

Read Yukiko’s Email to Andy’s Ex -

From: Yukiko Tsuba <haloboo@gmail.com>

Date: Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 10:24 PM

Subject: Re: Hi

Oh Neslyn,

You are not disturbing me at all.

I am so so sorry to hear you're upset Neslyn...

Is Andrew living with you now? Did he get the job? I thought you were all (you, Andrew and A*******) living together now.

If he isn't living with you, I think Andrew should give you a monthly allowance to provide for A******. He is her father and is responsible for her. He is the father of your child and the reason why you are in the UK. He is responsible for you too - you and A** are his responsibilities.

I think his mom is right in saying that Andrew or you should pay for nappies. It is yours and his daughter.

If Andrew isn't doing his part, I think it's only natural that she says she will less it from the 20pounds weekly allowance. Because A***** is yours and his daughter.

If you can, I think you should ask Andrew to pay his mom money for letting you stay there - something like a rent. I think if he did that, his mom might feel a bit better.

If he is not living with you, and you are living with his mom, I think you should remain on good terms with his mom - at least while you are living with her.

Can you leave A****** with Andrew's mom to babysit and find a job until you save enough money to pay for a flight home to the Phillipines??

Maybe you can find a job that lets you take A****** with you. I know it's tough but it will be for you and for A******.

He has no right to stop you if he is not carrying out his part as a father and as your "husband/boyfriend.".

You are legally staying in the UK, right?

I think if you can, you should go home especially if you feel that he failed as a father. If you think he won't let you go, tell him you are making a short visit back to the Philippines with A****** so she can meet your family - then don't go back to the UK.

I don't know ANYONE who has gone to prison, and I understand why you'd worry.

I think it is better to have no father then a bad father, or a father who is not nice to the mother or a father who goes to prison.

Remember, the reason why you said you 'd go to England was because you felt A****** needed a father, and you thought Andrew would be a good father.

If you think he is not a good father, then there is no reason to stay.

You have to protect your little girl Neslyn.

You have to do what you think is best for her, and of course, for you.

She only has you to depend on.

I think that for a child, it is most important that the mother is happy because they spend so much time with the mother.

I think A****** would be happier to be fatherless but with a happier mother than with a sad mother and a father who is making mother feel unhappy.

I am glad you emailed me Neslyn.

I am here for you as a friend.

I really sympathize with your situation as a mother.

I will be completely honest with you Neslyn but I think Andrew is a loser and you need to be strong for A****** and you can do that without him.

Big hugs.

Email me and tell me your thoughts.



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