Every Child

Has Two Parents


The Wrong Father


This is a story I received from a father today. He was in the right place at the right time, but happen to be the wrong father.


"During 2008/2009: I was looking for my children's location so that I could tell them "I'm your Daddy", but while I was searching in the location of Yanai, Yamaguchi ken near a railway crossing line, a little girl who was standing near that location with her six frineds stopped me as I was passing, and said

"Are you my Father"?

I stopped in surprise, and replied, "No, I am not your Father, sorry".

I then said "Have you not seen your Father for some time?", and she said "about two years". She then went on to say her Father was an American soldier who was formerly based in Iwakuni shi Base, and he had left to America.


The expression on her face was of disappointment, especially when I told her I was British. She said she missed him and wanted to see him: I felt empathy for her, but I also worried that she may put herself in danger speaking to strangers on the street. I warned her to be careful because I would not like my daughter to do that.

I did say to her I am sure your Father wants to see you too: believe and it will happen. I wished her well and said good bye. She is black or Latino,and Japanese.

I cannot remember her first name but it was either beginning with E or A. I went on to find where my children were, but still failed to make contact, but did get a short glimpse of my Daughter, and my Son. I made eye contact with him from 30 yards before he disappeared into the building.

The Japanese Police came and moved me away from the area, but did not arrest me; they said I was trespassing. I was so happy because he looked just like me, and I was leaving soon, and all my hopes were not in vain.


I don't give up and I will try again. I hope this story helps those Fathers to have faith, and in some way consoles them until they get their chance; I am sure your children who ever you are and wherever you are from are thinking of you, and waiting for you to come and get them."

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