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According to Wikipedia, Masae Ido, the leading Japanese Diet member fighting the Hague and criminalization of child abduction in Japan ABDUCTED HER OWN KIDS in order to run off and marry her boyfriend & DENIES ALL ACCESS TO THEIR FATHER! Wonder why she is so adamant about not joining the Hague and reforming family law in Japan?!

Masae IDO

House of Representatives / Incumbent
Constituency : Hyogo No.1
Number of times elected : 1

[ Parliamentary Committees & Title ]

Member, Committee on Cabinet

Member, Committee on Judicial Affairs

Member, Deliberative Council on Political Ethics

[ Born ]

Dec 13, 1965

[ Education ]

School of Arts and Sciences, Tokyo Women's Christian University

[ Career ]

Member of Hyogo Prefectural Assembly

[ Office ]

#416, 2nd Members' Office Building, HR

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Ido Masae (井戸 正枝) a Politician (DPJ) asked her opinion on Japan’s signing the Hague Convention on Parental Abduction even after she STOLE children from her ex-husband.


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