Every Child

Has Two Parents


Alexander Ronald Wilson



January 20, 2000


February 20, 2001



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Email: imissyouweeman [AT] hotmail.com

Message from Dad

Hi Son ( My Little Man or Grandma & Grandpa call you there Golden Boy)

I miss you darling but you are always in my heart even though you are not with me there isn't a minute in the day that I don't think of you and think of how big you are getting when you were born and until Feb. 20 2001 the only time we were apart was when I was at work even though you were tiny then you shot up like a weed within a year we had a great time going to the parks going and seeing Grandma and Grandpa to get your hugs and kisses for the day from them. You have a adopted sister now son her name is Megan she has seen your pictures and can hardly wait until she meet's you she has your little red beany baby parrot from your first birthday and she brings it every were with her and she keeps your picture with her too all the time just like all the rest of us do.

Son I love you with all my heart We will be reunited my darling son.

Love Dad

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