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Hana Scordato, aka Hana Kataoka




October 4th, 2004   


December 27 , 2005



Contact Dad by:

Email: hana.2004 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Newark NJ USA

Message from Dad

"Daddy Loves you!!"

"I miss you baby.."

You are my Sunshine!!!

Hana is now 3 years old and was abducted at only 16 months of age. (the picture to the right was taken Nov. 2006 and was attained via a family member).  Hana was born, October 4, 2004 at St. Josephs Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey.  Rumi (Lumi) Kataoka, wife of 5 years (engaged and married in US 2001) Hana's mother, scheduled a trip in Dec 05 from the US to visit family in Japan which was a routine semi annual trip with Hana.  Rumi has a history of alcohol use and minor depression and suffered severely from Post-Pardum following the birth of Hana.  Part of the reason for her trip was to see a family doctor who she felt could truly help her.   She has failed to return and has held Hana since that time without contact.  Rumi, Hana and her immediate family reside in Kani City, Gifu, Japan.  Upon learning of her intentions to stay it was seen all of Hana's files and documents were removed and Lumi left just enough personal belongings as to not cause suspicion. Lumi is in possession of Hana's passport, and birth records.

Rumi and her family have deprived Hana of her father and fathers family without reason or contact for two years.  The abduction has driven a wedge through family members here and the emotional distress was a main factor in the closing of a successful business which was relied upon for income. 

The damage the Kataoka's have caused and continue to cause our family and to Hana is immeasurable.

Everything we worked for and cared about..My family, my business which provided for us, our home, a beautiful baby girl and the promise of a great future was destroyed by this abduction.

After a year of intense emotional grieving, I was able to take measures not to lose my home and seek gainful employment.  When they say their is nothing worse than losing a child, it is true.  The pain never goes away. 

Your support is appreciated as a fund needs to be established to help Hana and my family.  I would ideally like to continue to help other children and families who are victims of this. 

Known Friends or Relatives of Other Parent

If you are one of these people, please help this child get in touch with his or her parent.  If you know one of the following people, please tell them about this web site and ask them to help.

Rumi Kaotooka, Hana and her immediate family reside in Kani City, Gifu, Japan. 

Mother  Rumi Kataoka Abductor     


Co-Abductor - Mami Suzuki

Grandmother - Assisted in Abduction

Abductors friend - Satoko




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