Every Child

Has Two Parents


山田 育美 (やまだ いくみ) / Ikumi Yamada Sommer


January 7, 1987


November 17, 1991



Contact Dad by:

Email: radioastronomer (AT] starseeker.org

planetary (AT] online.fr

Weinberg 10


35285 Deutschland/Germany

Message from Dad

Beloved daughter, I am a sick man and may have little time left to live and embrace you. I love you, and if you can still remember our love, or want to know your father, come and see me and your little brother and sister you have not seen yet, and I will give you all you need to come here. Your grandfather has died of cancer in 2001.

I love you and I have been looking for you ever since you were taken from me. I put up posters like this in Japan.  The photo below is of the last day we were together, on 17. Nov 1991 at 4pm.

Known Friends or Relatives of Other Parent

If you are one of these people, please help this child get in touch with his or her parent.  If you know one of the following people, please tell them about this web site and ask them to help.

             Mother                                           Father


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