Every Child

Has Two Parents


Japanese Left Behind Father commits suicide:

Akio Yokota - 横田 明夫

RIP:  1974 - 2011

Akio Yokota:

GoodBye Akio.  Im sorry you chose this route.  You were a fighter, but the fight got the best of you.  Once again the Japanese Government can take credit for another victim of Japanese Parental Abduction. 

Take responsibility for your ridiculous family law system Japan and bring it into the 21st century.

His last message via Mixi said nothing other than “Goodbye”


Akio Yokota (37) had no contact with his son for six months after his wife left him in November 2010. She accused him of domestic violence, a claim he rejects entirely. During the six-month separation from his son, he suffered from depression, paranoia and suicidal tendencies. Currently, he is allowed to see his son, who will be 2 years old soon, for one hour per month, an arrangement that brings him little comfort.

横田明夫(37)の息子は昨年11月妻による子供の一方的な連れ去りにあった。しかも、冤罪DVを盾にして。その後、半年間もの間、子供と 逢うことができず、鬱や、人間不信になり、自殺行為に及ぶ。現在、子供はまもなく2歳になるが、面会は月に1度1時間しか逢わせてもらえず、現在も苦しん でいる。

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