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Open Letter to NHK from Jacques Colleau

Head of International Affairs


An Association Member of UNAF (French Union of Family Associations)

Ms Mami Mochizuki



re: Your tv report broadcasted on Ohayo Nihon on July 15, 2009

Dear Ms Mochizuki,

Please allow me to draw your most urgent attention as follows:

Your first confusion

Most shooting you made with me (and I did give you a lot of my time upon your request!!!) was supposed to highlight the crucial importance of an association like SOS PAPA, together with many others worldwide, to defend binational children’s basic rights to BOTH parents and BOTH families after split of their parents, together with BOTH cultures and countries in the case of binational kids.

This should have been indeed used by you with the media power as a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY to explain millions of Japanese viewers such CRUCIAL ISSUE FOR CHILDREN’S SAKE, in other words for those who are the future of a nation.

Indeed, you even asked us as well to help you get pictures shooted in the first Tokyo demonstration of Summer 2008 to which we participated, aiming at defending children’s rights to their both parents after split of those, as well as the latest one held in Paris in the vincinity of the Japanese Embassy on June 29, 2009, the day of our sitting covered by foreign media and being organized to ask simply Japan again and again to respect basic rights of kids to their BOTH parents.

As you know, we, together with some Senators, had even been received by one of your honorable Ministers that day.

Your second confusion

At all stages of preparation of your report, I, just like many social leaders of the western community, press correspondents, political heads, was there for You, all of us being ready to help you the best we could to make a GREAT report, like the evening ones of another Japanese journalist, Ms Hiroko Kuniya I like so much, being so good and so professional.

You despised us.

Your third confusion

You did not make any efforts to understand how tricky the comments of Japanese child abducting mothers are, simply consisting in looking for lousy excuses to justify their awful behaviours, since they know of course what they do is just terrible and unhuman.

Indeed, you chose instead to believe the rubbish of Japanese people who abducted their kids as well as those protecting and excusing such awful actions, just because you, like many of your compatriots, still think words of Japanese persons are more credible and valuable than those of gaijins.

For all readers and viewers information, as well as yours once again, I have got no choice but to repeat here the reason why Japanese mothers abduct children has usually nothing to do with any couple violence whatsoever but is instead simply due to the fact those women wish to get rid of their hubands they do not love anymore (nothing wrong about their right to divorce of course) and therefore use most dirty tricks and false accusations in Court to keep selfishly the children for themselves as “uchi no mono”, ignoring the fact that children are human beings, have got rights as stated in the UN New York Convention signed by Japan, and therefore belong to noone.

Well, you could appreciate by yourself the shameful behaviour of a nice Japanese abducting mother calling the police against a peaceful gaijin father bringing a gift to his daughter abducted since more than five years and against yourself, the day we drove to Kazo together…

Should I mention as well you did not even explain clearly to NHK viewers the archaism of Japanese Family Law?

Last but not least, you did not make most sadly any efforts as well to communicate on a key issue, i.e. the most terrible and usually unreversible psychological consequences of such cruel and unresponsible abudctions on victimized children, emphasized by all leading international experts.

Your fourth confusion

Your full approach, consisting namely on making a tasteless and useless report, remaining at the surface of things, leaning on pressure, functioning even on self censorship, proves you have obviously got a totally wrong approach of journalism, as many foreign media correspondents, foreign government representatives and NGO leaders do believe.

Yours Sincerely,

Jacques Colleau

Head of International Affairs


An Association Member of UNAF (French Union of Family Associations)


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