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Overview of the Canada-Japan summit

November 14, 2010

About 25 minutes Thursday morning at 8:30, Prime Minister Naoto Kan was carried APEC summit meeting between Japan and Canada during the visit of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to attend the summit include: an overview (Japanese: Maehara Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trade and Industry Oobatake, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Fukuyama, another Canadian ambassador to Japan Ishikawa, who attended the Canadian side: Vanron Minister of International Trade, also attended Freed Canadian Ambassador to Japan).

1. Opening remarks

Kan, Prime Minister, welcome to visit, this year the G8 · G20 Presidency Canada, Japan and the APEC host country, and glad that both countries could work together, and today the field of peace and security Osamu Masa It led to the signing of a new cooperation framework document on pleasing both countries stated that I want to expand by developing further cooperation in various fields. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Harper, the Prime Minister's leadership celebrated Kan as the APEC host country, including cooperation in the field of peace and security, stated that would like to continue to further develop Japan-Canada relations in the future.

2. Canada-Japan relations

(1) The Canada-Japan Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation and Osamu Masa Kazu Tadashi 及

After the meeting, the two leaders, "Canada-Japan Joint Declaration on Security Cooperation and Kazu Tadashi 及 politics" were signed.

(2) Canada-Japan Economic Relations

Prime Minister Kan, Canada, and blessed with rare earth minerals as well, including energy resources, resource development, said the effect even want to work closely, and feel encouraged by the emphasis on Asia, Canada that, the Canada-Japan cooperation, stated that we want to build a stable economic relations in Asia-Pacific region. Prime Minister Harper also been expressed positive thoughts about resource development, agreed.

(3) the economic partnership between Japan and Canada

Kan Prime Minister, recently, "Basic Policy for Comprehensive Economic Partnership," the Cabinet, and Future "basic policy" based on, will promote economic partnership between Japan and Canada also, "Basic Guidelines", based on the Asia-Pacific stated that would like to think positively in the development of regional economic integration. The Prime Minister Kan, Canada stated that TPP would like to exchange information with each other and know it has an interest. In contrast, Prime Minister Harper has said we want to address the positive effect of economic cooperation between Japan and Canada each, both sides agreed on this point.

(4) beef import issue

Prime Minister Harper has asked for relaxation of import conditions for Canadian beef, Prime Minister Kan, based on scientific knowledge, stated that it is important to ensure food safety.

3. Other

(1) child custody issues

Prime Minister Harper called for the signing of the Hague Convention for the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the possibility of signing the Hague Convention, in particular mothers DV opinion is often cautious when handling the victim as soon as possible are seriously studying gain its conclusion, stated that the review and would like to proceed.

(2) people smuggling

Prime Minister Harper, the Convention against Transnational Organized Crime Convention and its Protocol undocumented parents (UNTOC), whereas there is a request to the conclusion of each, Prime Minister Kan, aware that this matter be discussed at Ministerial level委Netai stated that since the discussion there.

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