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US Department of State SELLS OUT U.S. Children for 3.1 Billion USD


Japan’s Mainichi News reports on Assistant Secretary Dr. Kurt Campbell and his policy and tactics regarding abducted US Children.  Campbell is caught red handed (well, red-mouthed, that is) in a private meeting with the Japanese government officials using the Hague issue, and Japanese parentally abducted children as a bargaining chip to get more money for US troop relocation. 

Translating the diplomatic double speak, which appears was only ever intended to stay inside that room it appears that Assistant Secretary Dr. Kurt Campbell is offering to voluntarily shut up about TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and the parental kidnapping issue as well as beef import bans at the Presidential Summit with Noda next week, if Japan will give Campbell some more money for the troop realignment. 

Here it is below in black and white.  U.S. Children being sold out for the almighty dollar (Yen) in a back room conversation.  300 kids for $3.1BB.  U.S. Parents of abducted children stunned by a belief that the US State Department was on "their side"...  The Mainichi Japanese report is at this link below, for avoidance of doubt...  Apparently Japan was not happy about this bribe and "intimidation", so they leaked the comments. 

Left behind parents of abducted children question if in anyway they gave the State Department the right to sell out U.S. Children.  “I have never given my government permission to sell my kids for more money for a troop re-alignment or for any amount of money, for that matter.  They never asked me, for permission to sell them as part of a defense deal.”

The English language version conveniently does not mention Dr. Campbell's exact quote on the Hague issue, but Campbell's quote is here in Japanese verbatim:


reprint - mainichi article

日米共同文書:金額明記で攻防 米が恫喝まがい、一転譲歩

毎日新聞 2012年04月27日 23時08分




日米共同文書:金額明記で攻防 米が恫喝まがい、一転譲歩

毎日新聞 2012年04月27日 23時08分





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