Every Child

Has Two Parents


I could have played the traditional father role in Japan after divorce... "dad is dead, but here's some magical sometimes money". I refuse to be an "invisible wallet".


I got married in 2005 and had two children. Things didn't work out. I was told that we would sleep in different rooms and be basic

room mates to be "proper parents" for our children, but to not bring women to our house. I knew this woman could divorce me (which

she threatened several times) and when my visa expired i would no longer be in my children's lives. So i studied, and got my

materials for my permanent visa (just in case, for the kids).


When my affair was discovered by my significant other, my ex-wife confronted my girlfriend by telephone shouting obscenities and

threatening her causing severe mental stress. I was told to immediately cut the relationship off... But, I said I could not so

easily... I was brought "kyogi-rikkon" divorce papers and agreed to pay money for child support as long as I could still be in the

children's lives as much as possible.

For 2 years I have paid money every month and have records to prove it. Yet my visitation went from 1 hour a week at a shopping

center food court to 1 hour every two weeks, to one hour a month , to 1 hour every 3 months. I warned that if she did not adhere to

our agreement, then I would not either. (I have email logs of this)

We were having troubles talking over the phone in November last year and I didn't pay the money. I was called and threatened. So I

was going to pay in December. A fight with someone who hit me first in shinjuku, caused me to drop my wallet with all my money

(this can be proven).

I said to her that I couldn't pay and was threatened with court. I said that I cannot pay and shouldn't pay because I'm not getting

anytime with the kids...


Since February, I have not had an answer to my phone calls nor emails. February, she asked for my shinjuku address to send me

pictures of the children... Not only did I not get pictures, but she laughed at me and yesterday, Saturday, I was served with a

three page letter (attached to this message). Nothing about children or child support money... But of mental anguish and an alimony

demanding 400万円。To be paid in two weeks!


Many of my close friends and families suggested that I counter-sue... Because of the mental anguish I have went through... My

children stripped of my last name, my children being kept basically for ransom... And a willing father not being able to be a part

of his children's lives.

I could have played the traditional father role in Japan after divorce... "dad is dead, but here's some magical sometimes money". I

refuse to be an "invisible wallet". I could have gone back to America, but have earned my permanent residency and have put myself

through countless times of stress just to be a real father.

-Jeremy Jackson

Audio Letter from Dad


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