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On June 13, 2008, a California Superior Court judge had ruled Reiko Nakata Greenberg Collins was a flight risk and ordered 5 year old Keisuke Christian Collins passport be turned over to the authorities.  On June 16, 2008, just one day after Randy and Keisuke spent Father’s Day together, Reiko violated these court orders and abducted him to Japan. Randy was devastated when he learned his only child, Keisuke Christian Collins, had been illegally abducted by his mother Reiko.  Being a retired pilot with Japan Air Lines, Keisuke’s grandfather, Ken Nakata, is believed to be instrumental in assisting his daughter to avoid airport security measures to abduct Keisuke to Japan.
Keisuke was born in Orange, California on 03/03/03 at 3:03 PM, a National Moment of Prayer and the reason for his middle name Christian. He lived his entire life life in Santa Ana, California. He is a very bright and fun boy who was able to speak fluent English and Japanese when he was 2 years old. Just before he was illegally kidnapped to Japan, Keisuke was learning to catch, throw, and hit a baseball. He is a natural and his dad misses being able to play catch with him. Randy hasn’t seen or heard from his son since Father’s Day, June 15, 2008. Randy is heart-broken. His only child is gone. He has missed out in watching his son grow. Keisuke has lost his dad. All Randy has are memories and a few pictures. No parent deserves this cruelty. Keisuke is now 8 years old. He would be in 4th grade. His last known address is with his grandparents, Ken & Miyuki Nakata, at 3-19-15 Asahigaoka, Yotusukaido, Chiba, Japan.

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