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I first met my wife in May 2010, she seemed like a lovely girl, I was attracted to her because she was an intent listener at that time and she had an infectious smile and she was bubbly. We got on really well and had some fantastic experiences together early on in the relationship with regard to joint experiences, holidaying and days out etc.

We had been dating for approximately 5 weeks when she asked that we moved in together, immediately alarm bells started ringing as it was such an abrupt and unexpected request but I eventually agreed as I did not want to risk losing her.

We made a plan to move into my parents and save for a mortgage, seemed like a good idea at the time but it turned into a nightmare of epic proportions, she became, somewhat understandably like a person with a siege mentality, I think she felt her freedom was infringed to an extent where she had no personal expression, she used to flip out with extraordinary outbursts and she was often violent, aggressive, often hitting me and spitting in my face to assert her opinions on me and used to fall into catatonic states of self pity whereby you could not communicate with her on any level, she also made no apology for her behavior at any time and seemed remorseless and unable to properly analyze her own behavior adequately, instead heaping the blame on me for every minor problem that occurred, major cracks were appearing in the relationship at a very premature stage which was a complete supernova of surprise.

In December 2010 I lost my job, it was unfortunate and I thought my wife would be understanding of the matter but she completely lost it frequently as I struggled to find work (I am self employed), I was doing minor jobs and trying to keep some sort of income coming in, my wife was working at this time and she went on Holiday to Japan in Early 2011, we spoke on skype when she informed me she was pregnant, I remember saying the words, 'That is great news, I promise to look after you and our baby forever, have no fear'. She then returned from Japan and we made a plan to look after our future together, we married in March 2011 in a low key ceremony in London, after that my wife continued to work very close to her expecting date which was the 31st October 2011 whilst I was doing bits and pieces to help us along, it was tough for her I am sure as she was pregnant but I assured her things would get better but she didn't buy that perspective, she had quite a pessimistic attitude inherently.


By September 2011 I had found a job that offered steady income and also we managed to get our own place and move out of my parents house to our own flat, I was sure she would be able to relax more while we were there and I was rather in hope she would be more content but her raging outbursts continued and she would shout, slam doors and make a hell a lot of noise until the early hours, often neighbors would knock on our door to inquire why 'she' was yelling so loud, I had to make excuses for her frequently.

At times I felt I was in the relationship for the sake of our son, I was never sure if she was the right person for me, she just completely lost control of her emotions too frequently, was too erratic and emotionally unstable to have a relationship with for a long period of time.

She was often slightly passive but I felt she always had some form of issue all the time and she had little patience for anything including waiting for the resolution of her Visa application which took a horrible amount of time (over a year) and by the time she ran away it was still not resolved.

On 07/11/2011 Louis Long was born, it was a 20 hour labor and was an intensely emotional experience when our little boy arrived, of course he was the apple of my eye and he always will be! I was instantly smitten by this little man who came from seemingly nowhere!

In the first month or so it was a very serene time in the house, I was military like in my new fatherly position and was always beckoning to the needs of both my wife and our boy, it was an incredible time having a baby for the first time, it instantly changed my life for the better. It seemed like such a great time but eventually things would go into decline, my wife's lack of patience became apparent as she would often enforce rules upon me that almost seemed unattainable, she wanted everything in an instant, demanding a 2 bedroom home, demanding I also pay for her holiday to Japan and save a deposit for a new home, I just felt with the financial restraints on us as I was the only one working she would have to wait a little longer and instead not expect instant results, instead she would completely lose her mind again if I did not agree with her, often saying I should just lie to her to calm her down which just seemed illogical to me. After a massive argument regarding this matter in June 2012 she asked me to move into my parents house for 1 week while she 'could have a think'. I gladly respected her request as I would have done anything to help her try and calm herself down.

On Wednesday 20th June I returned to the family home to see how my family were doing, she was not happy about my being there and she insisted I left quickly, after hugging my son for 5 minutes(Little did I know this would be our last hug) I left, again respecting her request for her to 'clear her mind'. She sent me a message saying 'Please do not try and come home until Saturday', I never suspected a thing but however on Saturday I returned to the family home to find it deserted, my wife's and son's passport had gone and she had gone, yet still I never suspected a thing (I feel quite naive looking back). I left the house, got into my car and received a call on my mobile phone, it was the Police! They asked that I come to the Police van parked further up the street of my own free will, I gladly assisted not entirely aware of what the circumstances but was suspicious as he muttered the words 'There are always two sides to every story'. When I reached the van they did not cuff me however they read me my rights and arrested me for suspected Domestic violence, I was taken to the station and clearly expressed my side of the story, I was never charged with any offense and the officers were completely understanding of the matter in hand.

Since this time my wife has only contacted me regarding money, demanding £500.00 per month and unless I gave it to her she threatened to tell my son I was dead at his age of understanding, she has frequently tried to blackmail me with access to my boy in return for money and I have absolute evidence of this, she has denied me any kind of contact, not even pictures since she kidnapped him on the 22/06/2012. 

My wife is now currently residing in Kumamoto city, Shima Machi, she lives with her parents Kyousuke and Shinobu Uchida and her sister (name unknown)


My name is Stephen Long born 04/04/1983, I married my wife Misa Uchida born 23/12/78, in London on the 12/03/2011, Our son Louis Long (A British citizen born in the UK) was born on the 07/11/11.


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