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Definition of Parental Abduction:

Parental abduction is defined as “the taking, retention, or concealment of a child or children by a parent, other family member, or their agent, in derogation of the custody rights, including visitation rights, of another parent or family member” National Criminal Reference Service - US Dept of Justice

It is the opinion of the United States Department of Justice Department that abduction has been committed by any person taking, retaining, or concealing a child.  That person(s) is guilty of CHILD ABDUCTION.   The Japan Children’s Rights Network provides this page to assist authorities worldwide in locating these criminals.

Japanese Parental Abductors:

1 -  Etsuko Tanazaki Allred 

2 -  Taeko Ono Lewis

3 -  Kayoko Oda Weed

4 -  Reiko Nealy / Nakamura

5 -  Makiko Hagino / Harris

6 -  Chiharu Wakau / Kennedy

7 -  Yukiko Kishida

8 -  Rie Davidovitch Ikeda

9 -  Ayako Maniwa Wood

10 - Rumi Kataoka Scordata

11 - Miki Miyamoto

12 - Misako Ueshima

13 - Satchiko Shimada Obiso

14 - Eriko Kaneta (Nitta)

15 - June Tateno

16 - Tomomi Ito Arango Kalmus

17 - Tomoko Hanzaki

18 - Keiko Yamada

19 - Taiko Suzuki

20 - Ido Masae - 井戸 正枝,  Japanese Politician

21 - Junichiro Koizumi - Japanese Prime Minister

22 - Tetsuo Nemoto - father

23 - Chieko Teton, aka Chieko Sone


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