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We need YOUR help to change the situation in Japan.  Please volunteer for one of the existing projects or start your own.

If you want to put a link on your website about us, please download the following imaging kit with simple text and a logo.  Imaging kit is here. (Sorry, the imaging kit is currently unavailable.  Contact us if you need it.)

Help Publicize CRN Japan

  1. 1.Join the discussion group online at http://groups.google.com/group/crnjapan

  2. 2.If you run a web site, add links to the www.crnjapan.net website.   We need as many links as possible so that we can get better ratings in the search engines. 

  3. 3.Try to get recognition from Japanese organizations of this group and web site, and hence get some additional publicity, like FatherMag did: http://www.fathermag.com/news/2782-RDigest.shtml  More ideas here.

Write Letters

Let people and other organizations know about the issues.  Go to this page for a list of people you could write to and sample letters.

Current Projects

The following projects are underway. Contact the coordinator for information on how you can help.  Contact webmaster @ crnjapan.net if you want to start a new one and have it listed here.

  1. CRN Japan Web Site.  Coordinator: webmaster @ crnjapan.net.  This site aims to document the problems faced by children who are being denied access to one of their parents so that people trying to change the situation have evidence to back up their claims.   See this project page for more information.  We need people to write content.  Please volunteer!

The information on this website concerns a matter of public interest, and is provided for educational and informational purposes only in order to raise public awareness of issues concerning left-behind parents. Unless otherwise indicated, the writers and translators of this website are not lawyers nor professional translators, so be sure to confirm anything important with your own lawyer.

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Please bear with us while we reconstruct CRN Japan.  You may find links that are broken and data that is not in it’s place.  Please understand we are working to fix all issues.  Thank you for your understanding.

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