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See the Lawyers in Japan, Abuse and Get Involved on this web site for yet more links in addition to the following.

General Advise on Living in Japan

This is a good place to look if you are having any kind of problems in Japan, not just Children's Rights related ones.  Many of these are online groups.  See also the Lawyers in Japan and the Counseling Organizations sections, since some of these organizations  may also provide general advice and help in other areas.

  1. Community In Japan - Yahoo Group.  This is a group with an activist bent toward improving the multicultural aspects of Japan. Mostly English, some Japanese. Highly recommended.

  2. Life In Japan - Yahoo Group. A general discussion group about life in Japan by old hands who have been there for a long time or are married to Japanese. Mostly English, some Japanese.  Run by United For a Multicultural Japan.

  3. BacHome: Bring Abducted Children Home (BACHome) was established in 2010 to educate the Dept of State, Congress, the media and the public, and to raise awareness of the plight of 300 U.S. citizen children kidnapped to (and wrongfully retained) in Japan.

  4. Bring Sean Home Foundation: BSHF helps raise awareness of this issue and has provided lots of support to BACHome.  Many members from the organization have joined BACHome at our awareness rally’s.  David Goldman continues to raise awareness about this issue even though he has recovered his son.

  5. IAPCR: The International Association for Parent Child Reunion, is an incorporated not-for-profit legal entity in Japan dedicated to law supporting parent and child communication and interaction.

  6. Children’s Rights Council of Japan:  CRC Japan was founded by David Brian Thomas and Walter Benda on May 5, 1996, “Children’s Day” in Japan. We are a child advocacy organization, offering information and resources for children’s rights issues in Japan, focusing on children of divorce, separation, or born out of wedlock.

  7. Ken Connelly provides a lot of support to BACHome including writing most of our press releases.  He is the author of “Throwing Stones; Parental Child Abduction through the Eyes of a Child”, and the first book in the “Finding Home” series.   Mr. Connelly was kidnapped on October 10, 1980 in Orange, California, and recovered on December 5, 1983 in the small town of Bastrop, Texas.

  8. Left Behind Parents in Japan: It’s the Japanese general understanding that if they divorce, the noncustodial parent won’t be able to see the kid again.  Japanese family law has no provision for visitation rights. No legal regulations exist for determining the rights of the parent without custody to meet their children.  Japan is an abduction-friendly country and a magnet for international child abduction.  If you are left behind parents, join us and cooperate each other.

  9. Father's Website (Japanese). A group started by Japanese fathers, but also supporting mothers and non-Japanese who are cut off from their children's lives.  They are interested in changing Japanese custody and visitation laws.  The bulletin board is mostly Japanese, but some people use English also.  Highly recommended.

  10. 国際結婚の結末(The End of an International Marriage) (Japanese) - This site was created by a Japanese mother whose children were abducted to an Islamic law country which also has not signed the Hague Convention.  She is now warning other Japanese about differences in laws and wants to help get Japan to sign the Hague Convention.

  11. United For a MultiCultural Japan.  Organization of long-time foreign residents in Japan.  This site offers much useful information on life in Japan, as well as having a good links section and lots of other handy information for anyone living in Japan.

  12. Japan With Kids. An interactive online community for English speaking parents in Tokyo and all of Japan!  The focus is primarily on children and child care, but they have also been very active in working with us.  Highly recommended.

  13. Japan Forum (English) This group has a section for searching for lost people in Japan.

  14. Issho Kikaku.  A Japan-based, non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1992. The organization aims to monitor issues related to human diversity, language, culture and coexistence worldwide, and strives to facilitate a greater recognition and understanding of these issues, both in the East Asian region and worldwide. (note: ISSHO = Together; KIKAKU = Project)

  15. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Foreign Residents' Advisory Center.   A place you can call in English, French, Chinese, Korean and Spanish for information on life in Japan.  Provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.  General counseling service on marital, family, and other personal difficulties including traffic accidents and immigration matters. Also very helpful at explaining the nuts and bolts of living in Japan.  Schedule is on their website. TEL: 03-5320-7744. (They also publish a book called "Q & A: a Guide to Your Life in Japan" which is available at bookstores or if you speak Japanese order direct from the publisher, Gyosei, on: 03-5349-6662.)

  16. Local Government Offices.   Your local government office, such as the kuyakusho, shiyakusho, etc may have a special advice center for foreigners.  (Where ever you go to get your Foreigner's Registration, or Gaikokujin Tourokusyo.)  This often includes legal advice.  Also, if you speak Japanese, they often have free consultations with a lawyer for local residents.  You can usually also go to the government office in the area you work in.

Information About Japan

  1. Japan - A Country Study.  A little of literally everything about Japan.

  2. Japanese government organizations.  Lots of links to the government web sites.  Good info.

  3. Asian Dragons.  A category based (like Yahoo) search site dedicated to Japan.  Parent site of the above one on government information.

  4. Japan 1003 Country Report on Human Rights Practices by the United States State Department. (released in Feb 2004)  (cached copy)

  5. jLinks - Topsites Japan- a large list of Japan related sites on a variety of topics. (Click here to Review Japan Children's Rights Network and raise our ratings on this site!)

Country Specific Additional Links

This is a worldwide issue, so there are others outside of Japan who may be able to help you if you are not a Japanese citizen. Your own embassy or consulate is also a good resource.  See also the Country Specific Legal Information - coming soon

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  3. 3.Canada

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  7. 7.United States

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