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Aimi Ito Byrd,

your Dad loves you a lot.




This page is in honor of US Navy Veteran Shawn L. Byrd and his daughter Aimi Rheanna Byrd. Shawn spent his career with the Navy protecting both the United Stated and Japan, yet, neither country can seem to help him and thousands of others to see or hear from their children.

Shawn has not seen Aimi since November 2007. At the time his wife Yui had been requesting Shawn to end his career with the Navy to be at home more. Shawn agreed reluctatly and was sent to Washington to be discharged. Upon arriving in Louisville to visit with his family before returning to Japan, Yui had moved out of their apartment, changed her number and stopped responding to emails. After years of tracking her down through social networks Shawn did finally make contact with Yui. She still refuses to allow him to see or hear from his daughter unless he sends money.

The International Hague Convention was developed to stop problems like the ones Shawn and the others face. In general the treaty requires the return of internationally abducted people. It was originally put in place to fight human trafficking but also included provision that addressed International Parent Abduction, which is when children are taken to foreign countries by a parent and retained there against court and custody orders.

Every parent has the right to be part of their children’s lives. This point has been agreed upon and proven again and again, unfortunately, governments like that of Japan do not give all parents that right. Children are seen as property and the government has little involvement in ensuring the safety of the children in their care.

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